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saying thank you

When you run a charity it’s important to show your appreciation to your donors, so that you can keep a strong relationship with them.  While a handwritten thank you note works, there are other creative and personal ways you can say “thank you”.  Listed below are just five of those, based on an article on the blog “Charity Dynamics”:

Be fast: New donors need an engagement strategy that will keep them involved with your organization.  Once they make a donation, make sure you include a specific landing page or “thank you” page.  You can also use a series of several emails to welcome new donors.

Be creative: Sending donors expensive gifts could send the wrong message, so you need to be creative.  Send an e-card, make a personal phone call or even record a video message.  These are all great ways to make your “thank you” stand out.  You can also invite your donors to see their donation at work.

Be tangible: Include photography emphasizing results to show your donors what it is you’re doing with their investments.  Feature impact stories in your follow-up, since they serve as a great representation of your organization’s effectiveness and serve as a tangible way to show donors how their contribution is making a difference.

Be social: Social media can be a great way to share how your donations are being used; your charity can make a heartfelt post or post a photo.  Let donors share their donations on social networks as well, although don’t forget that some people would prefer their donations to be anonymous.

Be personal: Use a little design to make your “thank you” stand out.  Write a special thank you for donors according to their donation and involvement in your organization’s mission.  Don’t forget that personalization is the best way to keep donors engaged, since it shows that you care not just about the donations, but the donors as well.