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While SEO is traditionally viewed for its role in business, it can also be a great way for charities to expand and ultimately improve their website performance.  However, SEO can be somewhat of a challenge for those new to it, and picking the right tools can be a bit tricky.  I recently found an article where the author spoke to several SEO wizes to recommend their favorite tools.  Listed below, these are valuable tips for utilizing SEO.


Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo allows you to input a website or keyword and see which content is performing best for social shares.  If you’re working in content marketing, digital PR or social, you can use it discover what is working well both for your own company and your competitors.

URL profiler

URL Profiler: Alongside their free SERP scraper and Twitter List Scraper, URL Profiler provides constant value from an SEO standpoint.  If you’re a charity, you can use it to crawl URLs and detect social shares per page, organic visit data, mobile compatibility, backlinks, Google indexing and server response code.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog: This is a powerful, cost-effective desktop crawling tool that allows you to quickly crawl a site and generate a list of all of the URLs being linked to across it.  This lets you see things such as the response code, the number of internal and external links on the page, meta data, the canonical URL, a use of directives and plenty of other areas.  It’s also very easy to group pages by various attributes.

SEO Tools For Excel

SEO Tools For Excel: This is a fantastic set of mini tools that directly operate within most versions of Excel.  There are over 100 mini tools altogether, which make it a great companion for marketers.


Huballin: Starting with a seed topic, Huballin helps you to discover semantically related topics that lead you to validated ideas, which you can then use to start building an editorial strategy.


Semrush: Semrush is great for understanding how your competitors are performing, allowing you to see which pay-per-click keywords they’re using in their adverts, as well as which keywords are ranking for across 29 different countries.  It’s also a solid auditing product that can crawl any given site.

Sistrix Toolbox

Sistrix: Another data-driven tool that can help you understand how your site is performing.  You’ll be able to compare yourself against your competitors, see how they’ve performed for up to five years and how you’ve performed against Google updates.  It also offers insights into backlinks and how your social media campaigns are influencing your site.