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Throughout the world, refugees from war-torn countries have found themselves desperate to flee for their safety.  While there has been a controversy in many countries as to how we should handle these refugees, there are some incredible nonprofit organizations that have been actively working to provide them with refuge, food aid, health care and education.  I recently came across an article that featured the names of five nonprofits that have been working to help these refugees, listed below:

The Refuge Initiative: Since Daesh invaded Iraq in 2014, millions of people have been displaced.  Camps are overrun with people, causing issues with health and sanitation and leaving nobody to care for the Refugeesindividual needs of each person.  In response to this, The Refuge Initiative is building self-governed micro-camps that allow family groups to stay together in a village-style setting, community support and spiritual care while equipping them with pathways back to independence such as education, vocational training and job creation.

Food for the Hungry: This organization is working in the Middle East to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon with food aid, access to health care, shelter, winterization, education and clean water.  It only costs $41 to provide food, fuel and emergency support to families in this area for a whole week.

Hear The Cry: Hear the Cry has started a school and partnered with a family taking care of 240 refugees that escaped Daesh.  They’ve been providing daily provisions for the community and have been looking into helping provide language and skills training.  In addition, the organization has been working with the city of Mosul to help provide care for the Kurdish widows whose husbands died fighting Daesh.

Refuge Coffee Co: This organization has been aiming to create a resettled refugee community in the Atlanta suburb of Clarkston, where the refugee population, already at 60% this past November, is expected to swell to even greater numbers this year.

Engage Iraq: After visiting northern Iraq, Engage Iraq opened a school in the region for orphans and at-risk, impoverished or refugee children.  They discovered how much good could be done helping refugee families and educating children.  If you want to get involved, consider sponsoring a student or helping with supplies and food at a refugee camp.  The school holds classes in English, computers, music, art, sewing and hairdressing, and their Engage program provides for the needs of students for the entire year, including the costs of school supplies, teacher funding and school rent.